Boar Flat update

The tent came in use today to allow us to evaluate features. Driving snow showers appeared during the day. Possible post hole discovered.

Gusting snow shoers pound tent

Gusting snow showers pound tent

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Steve gets hot and bothered under the collar

Yes steve has come up with whopping fragment of flint on site today

one of several pieces.

one of several pieces.

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Boar Flat snow bound

Friendly locals greeting by TAS members

Friendly locals greeted by TAS members. Local farmer tracks from feeding sheep.


cold sun fights the artic wind


TAS members hiding away, I wonder where?


Here we go, sieving!


And Steve keeping low under the wind in an erosion channel.

Close of sheep

Close of day and sheep saying goodbye

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Sunny January on Boar Flat

Well at least the morning, no wind until afternoon.

Mike at work

Mike at work


Yes lets trial what it would be like to be an anglo saxon burial? Both TAS members with appropriate Anglo saxon names: Christopher and Gordon. After grid sieving taking a well deserved rest.

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Roman Manchester talk by Norman Redhead 15th January 7.30pm


Denton Festival Hall, Peel Street, Manchester Road,

Denton, Manchester, M34 3JX.

contact our secretary (Greta Ward 0161 3386498)  if you would like to attend (Its free)

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Hunt for Roman road

TAS have been undertaking geophysical assessments of large sections of Tamesides countryside around Luzley near Mossley and Ashton under lyne. The hope is that the location of a Roman road may be discovered. It is expected to take a couple more months to complete.

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TAS has been awaiting permission from Natural England to asssess erosion sites. Previously surveys by TAS of these SSSI sites have produced small lithic scatters.

Permission has been granted and evaluation of the sites has commenced.

The first part of the project will assess the smaller of two sites until mid march. The second of the sites will be assessed in the autumn. This is to reduce disturbance to nesting birds.

The hunt for evidence of  mesolithic and possibly bronze age is now underway. If you are interested in learning prehistory archaeology skills contact out society.

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Roman online course

Dear all,

the free on line course is very stimluations. Below is a few tombstones to cavalry men I found on the web. The comment made was …did they have an off the shelf design when making a tombstone?

roman calvary tombstones for accesing the course on hadrians wall, but alll also other archaeolgy courses due soon



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Higher Hartshead excavation coming to a close this autumn.

This year has been very good with dry conditions. Tghe present excvation called cottage 5, has demonstrated good foundation wall remains, a fire pit and a well. The well will be kept open at the request of the land owener and will allow for the first time,  water access on the land in 100 years.

Mike in the well, seiving the silted base

Mike in the well, seiving the silted sump

Gordon caught holding a Pencil!

Gordon caught holding a Pencil!

Final stages of trowelling

Final stages of trowelling

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Survey of St. Michaels and All Angels Tower

An opportunity to complete a survey which started in 2013 of the Gargolyes and Grotesques of the bell tower was completed today. The tower is having repairs to its stone work and access was given to TAS to complete a photographic survey over 42 meters above the ground.


Detail underneath


Well protected on site


Fearsome creatures


Exquiste carvings

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